Reducing global carbon emissions through community based carbon offset schemes

Carbon Offset Scheme

The Sazani Trust is working to reduce global carbon emissions through community based carbon offset schemes; as part of the global effort to mitigate climate change and facilitate sustainable development. The scheme was developed with our partner organisation, Sazani Associates, with the support of the Welsh Government, European Union and collaboration with research at academic institutions in the UK.

The Sazani Trust is transforming social security in developing communities by bringing together affordable expertise and innovative financing to support sustainable development and livelihoods projects in rural communities. Our carbon reduction projects are community based sustainable livelihood initiatives that contribute towards the Millennium Development Goals to reduce Global Poverty, as well as Climate Change adaptation activities at a community level. All of our projects have positive social impacts, as well as reducing carbon emissions and promoting environmental conservation in a verifiable way. For more information click here.

By donating to carbon offset projects supported by The Sazani Trust, you are making a valuable contribution to supporting the delivery of sustainable livelihoods for fragile communities, as well as offsetting the greenhouse emissions and attendant environmental degradation. You can make a donation of any size towards our projects to contribute to the offsetting of the carbon footprint of your business, household or travel emissions. We aim for 80% of all donations we receive to go directly to supporting the vulnerable communities we work with.

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How does offsetting work?

Carbon offsetting enables individuals, families and businesses to compensate for their CO2 emissions by funding emission reduction projects in developing countries. Once you have used the emissions calculator to determine the quantity of emissions you wish to offset, you can make a donation to The Sazani Trust for the designated amount. The Sazani Trust then pays this money back into the projects and their communities for each tonne of carbon emissions that they reduce. All projects are independently verified to prove a reduction in emissions has taken place and that the funding from offsets will be used to sustain and further develop the projects. You can make a one-time offset donation or calculate the long-term emissions of your household, business or travel activities to offset.

Where does our carbon come from?

Our carbon comes from carbon reduction projects developed in collaboration with the Sazani Global network. We work in deprived regions worldwide using our established links with local enterprises and organisations to make a real difference. We guarantee that all of our projects have a positive social impact and are implemented using a sustainable change approach to support communities in recognising what resources are available to them and how they can utilise them in a more efficient manner. Sazani Global are experts in building and maintaining a relationship of mutual trust and credibility with stakeholders to reduce social risks to their projects. This involves participatory and empowering engagement that transforms communities from dependents to drivers of development. Our community engagement approach was evaluated through a 3-year collaborative research project carried out by the Institute of Education, London University and was demonstrated as an effective platform to creating positive social change, as well reducing the environmental impacts of communities.

Business Offsetting

Carbon offsets have become the mode in corporate responsibility…

In October 2013 new government regulations were introduced that requires all quoted companies to report on their GHG emissions. This process will pull the UK into compliance with the EU and support progress towards meeting the aim of the 2008 Climate Change Act – to reduce the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050. This regulation will provide transparency around how quoted companies are managing their carbon emissions and is considered the 1st step in the gradual development of a compulsory carbon offset scheme for.